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Real Madrid’s Victory Comes with a Price

Real Madrid's Victory Comes with a Price

Real Madrid’s Victory Comes with a Price.
The Bundesliga team is poised to generate a substantial amount of revenue, irrespective of the outcome of the Champions League final.


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Winning the tournament earns the victors a hefty €20 million (£17.2 million) payout from UEFA, a sum any club, particularly Dortmund, would welcome. However, an intriguing twist reveals that Dortmund stands to potentially earn even more by losing to Real Madrid in the final. Surprising as it may seem, the Bundesliga club could find themselves with a larger financial windfall as runners-up than as champions, as reported by the German newspaper Rhur Nachrichten. How could this be possible? The answer lies in Jude Bellingham’s transfer to the Spanish giants last year.

It all comes down to a clause in his transfer

Real Madrid's Victory Comes  with a Price


Last year, Bellingham’s transfer from Dortmund to Real Madrid in La Liga made headlines with a staggering £88 million price tag. However, many considered this fee surprisingly low, given the Englishman’s immense talent and young age. The deal included several potential add-ons, which could inflate the total sum to well over £100 million if certain conditions were met.

According to Rhur Nachrichten, via the Metro, one clause in the agreement stipulated that Real Madrid would owe Dortmund an additional £4.3 million if they clinched the Champions League within six years of Bellingham’s transfer.

That, combined with an extra £1.7m that Bild is reporting they’d receive if Bellingham makes it into the Team of the Tournament, something which feels inevitable and the £12.9m fee that is typically paid to the runner-ups of the tournament means that the Bundesliga side could pocket as much as £18.9m if Madrid beat them in the final, £1.7m more than they stand to receive if they come out on top.

In the event that Borussia Dortmund emerges victorious in the UEFA Champions League competition, they stand to receive a financial reward of €20 million from UEFA. Alternatively, should Jude Bellingham secure victory in the same tournament, Real Madrid will provide Dortmund with a payment of €25 million.

Real Madrid's Victory Comes with a Price

This presents a favorable scenario for Dortmund, ensuring a substantial financial gain regardless of the outcome.

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