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About Us

Legit Science is a hub for science news and information about new scientific discoveries in areas like neuroscience, cancer, psychology, health problems and possible solutions.

Rewriting of press releases from academic institutions is not something that Legit Science is interested in doing. We are not interested in overgeneralizing or incorrectly misrepresenting research in order to increase the number of hits on our article. We have no interest in either proving or disproving someone else’s ideological convictions.

Our exclusive focus is on providing reliable reporting of research on how humans behave, their lifestyle and topics associated with their health. In addition, we don’t report on any study unless it’s already been published in a legitimate, prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal. Some of the material that is included in our articles comes directly from these studies and interviews conducted with scientists. In addition, we include findings from our own research in order to provide you with comprehensive articles.

Our goal is to provide information that is credible, impartial and based on the findings of scientific and medical research. Legit Science offers free updates on new research to both the general public and academic scholars. These updates provide everyone with the most recent information that is being uncovered by scientists. These updates are provided by reporting on a wide variety of important, interesting and overlooked studies.

Content for Legit Science is provided by Editor-in-chief Sharon Peterson and staff writers Mark Peter, Grace Jason and Stephen Smith. The website was created by Sharon Peterson, who is the sole owner and is entirely funded by displaying advertisements.